Shrubbery is characterized as being a wide border to a garden where shrubs are thickly planted. Some, however, feature a similarly larger area with a path that may wind through it. There are several reasons why one would be interested in having shrubbery. Let's see if any of these reasons are why you have decided to use us to create shrubbery around your grounds.

Historically speaking, shrubbery is a 19th-century feature in the English manner gardens. Its origin is in the gardenesque style. It was simply a collection of hardy shrubs, a bit different from a flower garden, which was a cutting garden to supply flowers in the house. It can be arranged along a walk and can be winding. Sometimes the paths can be gravel, making it easier for the rain to dry along private walks. 

Are you a person who likes to have a purpose to your back yard? Do you have a gazebo, villa, terrace, courtyard, a well furnished Regency or even a suburban villa that could benefit by having shrubbery? If so, we can show you how many different layouts are possible for your particular interests! Click here and arrange for an estimate so you can host friends and family this summer and fall, in your intimate backyard.